July 12, 2023

10 ways to make content go viral on
social media

The power that social media holds is not unknown to any, but those who leverage it just right are not many. 

Whether you are solely a content creator aspiring for a solo breakthrough on social media or a brand trying to amplify your content marketing efforts, we all know that to garner the attention of the audience you need to make content that has the potential to go viral.

Once viral, your content has the ability to spread far and wide and attract pools of new, unfamiliar audiences. Constant upgrades and changes in algorithms might sometimes stunt the growth of your content marketing efforts, however making content that has a high possibility of going viral can ensure that your efforts are not simply being laid to waste. 

While this might seem like a feat unconquerable, you needn’t worry about the ‘how?’ of generating viral content because we are here to make it simple for you. 


It is important to know that making viral content doesn’t have an applicable formula that is foolproof, or a guidebook that one follows step-by-step, to guarantee your content goes viral. However there are some tried, tested, and trusted tips that can substantially increase the likelihood of your content going viral. 

Without wasting anymore time, let me walk you through some easy and impactful ways for making viral content so that you can kickstart your journey of becoming a social media superhit act.

Use cool and unique transitions

Unique transitions that wow people are on the rise to popularity. Use out-of-the-box and intricate transitions to momentarily stun, surprise, and amaze your audience to help with keeping them hooked on what’s to come next. Transitions add a spark of professionally achieved finesse to video clips and are a great way to get positive reactions out of people – hence driving engagement.

Use high quality visuals

Grainy and blurry visuals are an open invitation to the depletion of your online reach. They easily put-off anyone who has the potential to become a prospective and loyal lover of your content and the brand you are trying to build, and hence should simply be avoided. Visuals that aren’t high quality are in fact notorious for making a terrible first impression on an unfamiliar audience and hence slaughters the chance of anyone wanting to further explore what you have to offer. High quality visuals keep people coming back for more and hence helps with pushing the reach of your content further.

Create content that is shareable or interactive

The math on this one is very simple. Content that is shareable and interactive has great potential to be shared. When people come across something that they instinctively relate to themself and know close connections who will relate to the same, what do they do? That’s right! They share the content further. Creating relatable, informative, and trendy content that people would be inclined to share or interact with is the key!

Speak to the audience

Personally addressing your audience is another great way to make your content more connectable (like it’s been made specially for the person viewing it). It makes the content more intimate and honest instead of making it seem templatized or robotic, hence substantially boosting the chances of people engaging with it and sharing it further.

Use trending audios, sounds, or music

Speaking of this one, Instagram has quite literally spoon fed us with a great shortcut to significantly increase the possibility of your content going viral. Be on the lookout for the small ‘↗️’ next to audios while scrolling through reels. This symbol tells you that a particular audio is on the rise (and is often coupled with a trend) and you easily sign your content up for becoming viral in a few hours tops by using the audio.

Shoot on the app

Many social media specialists who study algorithms have established that content directly shot on the app has a slightly higher potential to go viral. So, if the concept you have in mind permits you to shoot your content directly on the app you’re targeting your promotion on, do it, and add in some cool transitions while you’re at it!

Know what content type performs best on what portal

Even when every social media portal offers us a vast variety of content types we can create and share, there is always that one content type that a particular portal favours and pushes forward the most. While it is very important to maintain a balance of different kinds of content you post on every portal, you can afford to pay some special attention to the content type that performs best on each portal and post that type of content more frequently. If we take Instagram for example, reels would be the content type you can focus more on while also pushing out posts, videos, and stories regularly.

If relevant, don’t let a trend scoot by untapped

As we established above, trending audios are often accompanied with a rising trend. If the trend stands relevant to your brand image then make sure to tap it immediately as they are an amazing way to rapidly spread your content to new audiences, increase visibility, and of course, go viral.

Perform some basic SEO

Using keywords in copies, captions, and hashtags will help push your content into not only your targeted keyword buckets but also into other similar content buckets. On many portals, people can now follow hashtags too, like one can follow profiles and accounts, and hence it becomes very important to use relevant keywords in your hashtags and even post captions. Your content stands the chance to be widespread under several keywords and be recommended to people by the app itself, thus going viral.

Keep it short but engaging

Content that is short (ideally 7-12 seconds) doesn’t require one to have a large attention span to follow through with it till the end. Short content is easy on the eyes and the brain, and there is a significantly larger chance that people will watch the clip till the very end. A homogeneous activity graph throughout the full length of the content piece is more favoured by algorithms and hence short but engaging content has a greater possibility of going viral.

Pull ideas from audience and be consistent

Showing the audience what they want to see makes them stick around for longer and more inclined to share your content with other like-minded people, hence increasing reach and visibility. Pulling ideas from your audience base is also an excellent way to tackle creative blocks and helps you keep up your consistency in pushing out quality content. Consistency is also something that will get you under every social media platform’s ‘good book’ and set the algorithm to favour your content over many others who post irregularly. 

If you’ve managed to reach till the end, good work! Implementing a mix of these tips can definitely aid you in becoming a consistent viral act and garner your brand a ton of positive attention that will bring in tangible growth results. Start executing these right from today and watch your social media success scale high!