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Our video editing approach at 152Co. is a simple 3C mantra – creativity, collaboration, and consistency. A brand knows what their target consumer wants to see, but keeping them hooked and wanting more is where the real magic lies – and that’s where our video editing agency comes into the picture. Right from idea-mapping & storyboarding, to witty copies and intriguing transitions, we help you bring your brand stories to life through exceptional video editing.

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How does expert Video Editing captivate the audience?

Why do brands need a
bang-on Brand Identity?

It captures the audience’s attention through superior visuals and creates a highly engaging experience.


It effectively conveys a particular narrative to the ideal audience and evokes emotion.


Dynamic elements like music, text overlays, and animation help keep audiences hooked.

Navigating Industries
Expanding Horizons

Our experience-driven growth helps us overcome challenges across multiple industries

Navigating Industries
Expanding Horizons

Our experience-driven growth helps us overcome challenges across multiple industries

Unicorn Startups

Pioneering visual narratives for unicorn startups, we’ve seamlessly blended creativity and innovation to elevate their brand stories through compelling video editing.


Transforming medical narratives into impactful visual experiences, our video editing expertise has played a vital role in communicating complex healthcare concepts with clarity and empathy.

Food & Beverages

From delectable culinary creations to immersive brand storytelling, our video editing prowess has added flavor to the Food and Beverages industry, creating mouthwatering content that resonates with audiences.


Crafting dynamic and informative video content, we’ve navigated the intricate world of finance, distilling complex financial information into engaging visuals that captivate and educate.


Amplifying industrial narratives through visually striking storytelling, our video editing proficiency has been instrumental in showcasing the innovation and resilience within the industrial sector.


Bridging cultural gaps through visually compelling content, our international video editing endeavors have transcended borders, fostering global connections and resonating with diverse audiences worldwide.

Fashion & Retail

Redefining style through captivating visuals, our video editing finesse has empowered fashion and retail brands to showcase their unique identity, leaving a lasting impression in the ever-evolving industry.


Riding the wave of innovation, our video editing expertise has translated complex tech concepts into accessible and engaging content, propelling technology brands forward with visually compelling narratives.


Inspiring positive change through impactful storytelling, our video editing has played a pivotal role in conveying the mission and impact of philanthropic initiatives, fostering awareness and support for meaningful causes.

Our Creative Process

Embark on a transformative journey where ideas take shape into visual masterpieces

Our Creative Process

Transform ideas into impactful brand identities that define and elevate your business presence.

Discovery and Consultation

We kick off the process with in-depth discussions to understand your brand, objectives, and target audience. This phase sets the foundation for a tailored video editing strategy that aligns seamlessly with your unique identity and goals.

Creative Storyboarding and Planning

Our creative team transforms concepts into visual narratives through meticulous storyboarding. This stage involves planning the structure, pacing, and visual elements, ensuring a cohesive and compelling storyline that resonates with your audience.

Expert Video Editing and Enhancement

Leveraging cutting-edge tools and techniques, our skilled video editors bring your vision to life. We enhance footage, incorporate dynamic transitions, and apply special effects as needed, creating a visually stunning and impactful final product.

Collaborative Review and Refinement

We share drafts for your review, welcome feedback, and iterate based on your input. This collaborative approach ensures the end result not only meets but exceeds your expectations, guaranteeing a video that truly represents your brand.

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Certainly! We have successfully collaborated with diverse clients in your industry, producing visually compelling content. You can  go through our case studies that demonstrate our proficiency in translating unique brand stories through effective video editing.

We begin by conducting in-depth consultations to comprehend your brand identity, values, and objectives. Our creative team then tailors a customized video editing strategy that aligns with your brand narrative, ensuring the end result resonates authentically with your target audience.

We prioritize client satisfaction and welcome feedback at every stage. Our collaborative approach includes regular checkpoints for your input, allowing us to make adjustments and refinements as needed. We strive for a transparent and iterative process to ensure the final product exceeds your expectations.

We take data security seriously. Our team adheres to strict confidentiality protocols, and our infrastructure employs the latest encryption and secure storage practices. Rest assured, your video content and sensitive information are handled with the utmost care and diligence.

Continuous learning is at the core of our approach. Our team actively stays abreast of emerging trends, and invests in cutting-edge technologies. This commitment ensures that our video editing techniques remain innovative, keeping your content ahead of the curve.

Our turnaround time varies based on project complexity, but we are dedicated to meeting your deadlines. We work with an efficient production schedule, and our experienced team can handle tight timelines without compromising on quality. Clear communication and strategic planning are integral to our timely project delivery.

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The boom and the benefit of YouTube influencer marketing

YouTube is one of the most renowned platforms of this generation. YouTube influencer marketing entails YouTube influencers with a huge subscriber base providing an in-depth review of products and/or brands because they pose as experts in their niche. More people start to trust and follow their recommendations as time goes on. As a result, they develop a reputation for sincerity and subject knowledge and rise to the status of influencers. The outcome of the process is that people appreciate and listen to their ideas on the subject. These people start to shape the viewpoints of their followers in their areas of expertise. People ask and look for these influencers’ recommendations while considering purchasing a product.

You can skyrocket brand awareness for your business by seeking YouTube influencer marketing services from a YouTube influencer marketing agency which entails collaborating with niche-specific YouTube influencers for your business. 

YouTube marketing services entail campaigns designed to promote a product to the intended audience via YouTube. 

The influencers create eye-catching, exciting and informative video content that incorporates your product in a way that it appeals as an asset to your target audience. Video reviews are one of the most excellent ways to promote your product as well. Videos where the YouTuber uses your product and shows the results or shares how it has been helpful are a great way to increase your sales as well. 

While other platforms like Instagram are great for influencer marketing, an in-depth product demonstration is best done via a YouTube influencer marketing company.

Why choose YouTube influencer marketing as part of your next online marketing campaign? 

  • 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are viewed per day. 
  • Over 30 million people use YouTube every day, and there are 2 billion monthly active users. 
  • On YouTube, there are 38 million channels that are now active, of which 15 million are run by content producers and 22,000 have more than one million followers.

Confluencr’s YouTube Marketing Services To Boost Your Brand

YouTube influencer marketing services are one of the best tools in a marketer’s toolbox. We as a YouTube influencer marketing agency will design various campaign types based on the objectives of your target audience. The stage in the sales conversion funnel that you are aiming to target will have a significant impact on the type of campaign we curate for your brand.

  1. Brand Introduction/Awareness Campaigns 
    We conduct these campaigns to launch your new product into your target market. Brand introduction/awareness campaigns entail content that creates the message of how your new product is revolutionary in its niche. Although the product may not be brand-new, it will be the first time it has been pitched to those specific target audiences.
  2. Recall Campaigns 
    We frequently run routine recall campaigns for brands. The main goal of these campaigns is to keep your product in consumers’ minds. This type of YouTube influencer marketing serves to both preserve consumer awareness of the brand and increase sales. 
    These influencer campaigns are most likely the most prevalent. In a recall campaign, you can use many of the same types of videos as in a branding campaign; you just emphasise how the product can solve a common problem for the channel’s viewers. 
    For recall, the YouTube influencer marketing campaigns we create are more informative and educational in addition to creating an enjoyable experience for the viewers. The viewers of the video are not particularly interested in your product; they are curious about how it can benefit them and make their lives better which is exactly what we deliver through customised YouTube influencer marketing services. 
  3. Hashtag YouTube Influencer Marketing 
    Hashtag campaigns are a crucial part of the social media era. Although Instagram and Twitter may be more popular with hashtags than YouTube, there are still hashtags used on YouTube to search and organise videos on particular subjects. For your YouTube influencer marketing campaigns, we create a list of unique hashtags for you. 
  4. Contest YouTube Influencer Marketing 
    YouTube is identical to every other social media platform. People adore competitions, and they frequently show a lot of interest in those held by their favourite channels, especially if the reward is extremely pertinent to the channel’s target audience. 
  5. Branding YouTube Influencer Marketing 
    We, as a YouTube influencer marketing agency ensure that your brand’s campaigns don’t become overly commercialised; otherwise, sceptical viewers may soon lose interest and begin to doubt the legitimacy of the influencer recommending your products. We know that most people don’t choose to watch ads, and there may be some overlap between influencer-produced branding videos and paid advertisements. 

Why choose Confluencr as your YouTube influencer marketing agency? 

  1. Creativity
    For your campaigns, we apply our seasoned skills in public relations, research, branding, advertising, design, and strategic planning. Your brand campaigns won’t just look wonderful; they’ll also be effective.
  2. Attention To Detail
    Our meticulous attention to detail, careful planning of timelines, and skilled project management are what sets our youtube marketing strategy apart from the competition. We are imaginative while paying strict attention to your brief and your budget.
  3. Measurable Results
    Confluencr is one YouTube influencer marketing agency in India that is known for its result-oriented approach. We ensure that the influencer and your brand’s personality shine through in the campaign videos which is the number one way to enhance conversions. People buy from people they trust, and we develop that trust by connecting with them emotionally.
    According to recent research, for general businesses and professional services, bringing people to a landing page with a video of a YouTube influencer describing the product or service is highly effective. 
  4. Expertise
    Being India’s largest YouTube influencer marketing company, we have years of expertise and experience in curating effective Youtube influencer marketing campaigns. You can rely on us to stay updated with current algorithm changes, the addition of new social media tools, and adjustments to the features of YouTube so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities for growth. 
    In addition to the experience and expertise, we have also built our communication and a trustworthy relationship with a vast network of influencers which enables us to negotiate the best pricing for your campaigns. 
  5. Accurate And Prompt Reporting
    When analysing influencer content, we have access to both sponsored and organic viewpoints. It is critical to identify the Influencers that are organically driving your brand’s KPIs because those are the Influencers that should be targeted for upcoming promotions. Additionally, understanding which pieces of content are converting via engagement and other metrics gives us greater direction for future content creation.