July 19, 2023

7 Reasons why good design is crucial for brand and business growth

Several research studies have shown and proven that our brain processes visual information much faster than that presented as chunky portions of mundane text. The human brain is known to process visual data 60,000 times faster than text, and hence it goes without saying that communication that lacks gripping visuals will translate to less successful promotional efforts in the digital age.

As the population’s inclination to consume information through the internet becomes more potent than the old-school ways of print, preference shifts from physical visits to stores to making purchases from the comfort of one’s home, and technological advances contribute to people’s rapid affinity for digital media, the growing need of the hour is to stand out in an immensely competitive market by employing something that catches the eye right off the bat.

What is design?

When discussing digital marketing and advertising, ‘design’ can be defined in various ways. For some, it’s an artistic technique employed to create attention-grabbing visuals that become easily recallable in hindsight. In contrast, others consider it a process that achieves the goals that a particular visual communication intended.

I would thus define ‘design’ as a systematic and visually appealing combination of various advertorial elements – images, text, colours, concepts, etc. – that serves a purpose assigned to it. Different types of design serve distinct purposes. 

Brand Identity design reflects the core principles of a brand and forms a unique identity of the brand’s personality, packaging designs help products stand out on the shelf, digital ad design urges the audience to take action, and the list can keep going on. What is important to note here is that design is an indispensable asset contributing towards a brand’s longevity in the market space, and consecutively plays a significant role in long-term success visions of organisations.

how does design help you grow your business?

Businesses thrive on competencies built via various efforts, and though we cannot argue that factors like a customer-centric approach and networking play the most significant roles in helping a business thrive, we also need to recognise what speaks to the audience most at the surface level.

Take Starbucks for example, the brand name has overtime become synonymous with ‘coffee’. However, the way people recognise the brand today is not by associating it with a coffee cup, but by the green siren-like mascot (their logo). The mascot alone is indicative of a cafe being a ‘Starbucks’ even without the brand name spelt out anywhere around it. 

This shows that design contributes to much more than just aesthetic appeal in the marketing world. It is a powerful tool that, when wielded with creative accuracy, can make or break a brand’s vision of success.

Here are 7 ways in which good design can positively influence your brand and business.

Good design makes your brand stand out

The first impression is not always the last, but definitely a lasting impression. In today’s digital space where every niche is as saturated as the other, it is necessary that a new and emerging brand learns to stand out from the get-go. No business owner can hence afford to undermine the power of brand identity design as components like the logo, brand stationery, and the seamless blend of the brand’s message with visuals are what will help a brand stand apart from a sheep’s herd and allure the audience.

Gets hard to explain messages across with relative ease

Neuroscientists from MIT have found that our brain processes an image in its complete entirety in just 13 milliseconds. This makes it easier to present complex information through the right visuals in instances where text could stretch on but still fail to get the desired message across to a reader.

Plays a huge part in how consumers perceive the brand

Design is a very straightforward indicator of a brand’s personality. By employing the correct set of elements, one can mould a potential customer’s perspective with ease. A brand that wishes to cater to a younger audience – like a toy brand – will do so by using a jovial and poppy colour palette and complementing typefaces, while a high-end jewellery brand shall use more minimal elements and imagery that exude elegance and luxury.

Makes your marketing efforts actionable and amplifies conversions

Visual content like digital ads with strong Calls to Action, product/service review videos, images of relatable real-life scenarios, etc. is known to not only keep a targeted audience pool engaged with a brand but also make them more willing to take action on a specified goal, hence slowly working towards building customer who can turn into loyal brand advocates in the near future.

A brand that looks good garners trust right from the start

Having a well-structured brand design system set in place and brand values reflecting crisply and clearly in every visual communication piece lets the audience develop confidence in the workings of the brand early on. The ‘pretty privilege’ is a very real phenomenon and it isn’t just applicable to humans. Psychology terms beauty as an ‘asset’ and tells us that people feel better associating themselves with people and (by consequence) things that look good. A well-designed brand thus has the potential to become an instant favourite of many.

Makes a brand easily recognisable and recallable over time

Good design helps the audience smoothly associate various elements like brand values, the brand’s identity, colours authentic to the brand, and so on, with a specific brand. This works towards making the brand easily recognisable and recallable to existing and potential customers without having the need to constantly mention the brand’s name.

Makes for a well-tailored & smooth customer experience

Attractive design can play a noteworthy role in audience engagement. A professionally designed and easy-to-navigate website can make a visitor want to keep exploring more pages – thus positively influencing your website’s load time and average page visit duration – helping you organically scale search engine rankings. An aesthetically pleasing design can also help build a sustainable connection with the audience that can further be capitalised on for retargeting efforts. 

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