Crafting a Symbolic Award for Employee Recognition

brand overview

AmbitionBox is a trailblazing platform dedicated to empowering individuals in their pursuit of fulfilling careers. With a mission to foster happy and prosperous professional journeys, AmbitionBox provides comprehensive information to aid users in discovering and evaluating companies that align with their aspirations. Through depth, breadth, and unwavering commitment, AmbitionBox stands out as a beacon guiding professionals towards their ideal workplaces.

the Challenges

  • Creating a tangible symbol that captures the essence of AmbitionBox’s mission to celebrate employee excellence and foster a culture of recognition within organisations.

  • Designing an award that resonates with diverse audiences and transcends traditional corporate symbolism.

  • Crafting an iconic representation that embodies the values of appreciation, achievement, and ambition.

the approach

  • Engaged in a collaborative process with the visionaries at AmbitionBox to deeply understand their brand ethos and the desired impact of the award.
  • Conceptualised the ABECA (AmbitionBox Employee Choice Award) as a symbolic embodiment of the platform’s commitment to celebrating exceptional employees.
  • Designed a distinctive thumbs-up shape for the award, a universal gesture of approval and commendation, resonating with audiences across cultures.
  • Incorporated a sleek and modern aesthetic, reflecting AmbitionBox’s forward-thinking approach to employee recognition.
  • Ensured the award’s surface provided ample space for personalised inscriptions, celebrating the unique achievements of each recipient.

the impact

  • The ABECA award has become a coveted symbol of excellence, inspiring employees to strive for outstanding performance and contributions.
  • Organisations have embraced the ABECA award as a powerful tool for cultivating a culture of recognition, boosting employee morale and engagement.
  • The award’s modern and iconic design has solidified AmbitionBox’s position as a forward-thinking brand championing employee satisfaction and career fulfilment.
  • The personalised inscriptions on each award have amplified the sense of achievement and validation for recipients, reinforcing AmbitionBox’s mission of celebrating individual ambition and success.

We recently worked with 152co for a special report The team understood the brief perfectly, took our inputs and gave us a fantastic report which was loved by all – internal teams & clients The team works hard & sometimes we gave them really short deadlines to meet, which they did. Loved working with them & hope to work again in the future too.

Jermina Menon

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