July 19, 2023

An excursion of passion: Crafting a brand for a self-taught artist.

A simple brush stroke and a palette full of colours were the small windows of pleasure for Mrs Ritu Shah – a homemaker who took much delight in her creative hobby and created exquisite pieces of artwork.

She indulged herself with stolen pockets of time and practised her interest – her art – giving rise to a stunning inventory of pieces that lay hidden from the world because she was engrossed in running a house and being an amazing mother. Then, finally, after a break of 20 years (’cause life happened, you know?!)

She approached us wanting to put her paintings up for sale – she had found her calling.

But this wasn’t an endeavor easy as a breeze, fine artists undergo struggle and turmoil to bring their name to the forefront, and we have witnessed it plenty in the industry. Paintings and artworks sell with renowned names attached to them; a well-shaped brand creates a piece worth selling.

We knew we had to begin this process from the bottom up, and so we started right from scratch. We first delved into deep discussions and began to create a brand identity for her artistic work. Right from an aesthetic logo to elements and a colour palette that would resonate with her goal, we brought it all to life.

Now it was time to get her art out there and build a base of loyal audiences, who would later translate into loyal customers. We knew social media would be the ideal way to go, but obviously, an artist’s authentic artwork displayed through pictures clicked on an iPhone would not cut it. We decided to take the hands-on approach. A professional photoshoot was held by us wherein we generated an inventory of professionally clicked pictures of her art pieces which could now be used to build her name and her brand.

Over the span of the next eleven months, we steadily built her brand presence over social media portals. We created beautiful and engaging content and made sure to interact with the audience regularly.  A few initial brainstorming sessions concluded that we would create a talk show that would provide an initial boost to keep the audience enraptured with the brand; and so, ‘Art Talks with Ritu Shah’ was added to the mix.

All of this came together to build a wonderful audience base and a stunning brand for our client, one which she now fully leverages to gain commission work requests, sell her artworks globally, and bring her passion to life!