Redefining Traditional Snacking

brand overview

BhujiaLalji, an iconic Indian snacks brand rooted in Rajasthan, has evolved into a modern powerhouse offering a diverse range of namkeen and snacks. Balancing tradition and innovation, BhujiaLalji is committed to providing authentic taste and quality, becoming a household favourite across retail and e-commerce platforms.

the Challenges

Rebuilding the company profile for investor presentations.

Coordinating diverse packaging designs.

Crafting cohesive marketing collaterals for various platforms.

Introducing new packaging for maida-based products.

Maintaining the authentic Bikaneri essence while adopting a modern appeal.

the approach

Established a new design guideline applied consistently across marketing collateral (Amazon, stall booths, standees, catalogues).

Innovatively designed jacket-style packaging for maida-based products, enhancing product visibility.

Merged modern aesthetics with the Bikaneri heritage in the overall packaging design.

the impact

A revamped company profile suitable for investor presentations.

Achieved uniformity across diverse packaging designs.

Developed cohesive marketing collateral for various platforms.

Preserved and highlighted the authentic Bikaneri essence while embracing a modern appeal.

Overall, the impact was positively received, aligning with BhujiaLalji’s brand goals and objectives.

We recently worked with 152co for a special report The team understood the brief perfectly, took our inputs and gave us a fantastic report which was loved by all – internal teams & clients The team works hard & sometimes we gave them really short deadlines to meet, which they did. Loved working with them & hope to work again in the future too.

Jermina Menon

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