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brand overview

Crossroad brings an elevated and premium, non-alcoholic beverage experience to the Indian market, by straying away from the conventional oversaturated with sugar flavoured sodas in the market.

Unlike the same old syrupy options up for grabs, Crossroad beverages are dedicated towards fusing ingredients and creating exotic non-alcoholic fusion drinks that are palatable and unique.

the Challenges

These beverages fell in the premium and high-end non-alcoholic beverage spectrum, but did not look the part they should.

Crafting flavours by fusing ingredients is an exotic characteristic of these drinks; however this aspect was not being brought to focus.

Being small batch crafted drinks as opposed to mass produced to retain freshness in flavours was not being aptly communicated to the target audience.

Despite being a high-end beverage experience, the drinks were not able to stand out on the shelf with the current packaging design.

the approach

Through one-on-one discussions with the company founders, we identified their business objectives, and the kind of brand message they wished to convey to their target audience.

We took inspiration from architectural structures and created a brand identity for them that was classy, finessed, and polished.

Our branding was such that it could be seamlessly incorporated into the spatial design of their physical store, the embossed branding on their custom furniture pieces, and the existing UI design of their online store. 

We crafted a fresh company profile for them, designed fully in-tune with the renewed brand identity, in order to present to prospect partners.

the impact

The new branding and packaging design were now 100% in-line with the premiumness of the beverages.

Just as the brand name suggests, the idea of the beverages being a crossroad – a flavourful fusion of two ingredients – came across as a focal point of attention. 

We successfully delivered the kind of designs that team Crossroad had been on the lookout for, hence helping the brand stand out on the shelf and boosting recall value.

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