Reimagining a design system
for a dental brand

brand overview

Dentaid is not your typical dental experience. Founded by Dr. Pooja Agrawat, Dentaid breaks away from the usual clinical atmosphere to make dental care easy, friendly, and accessible to everyone. 

Dentaid believes that a trip to the dentist shouldn’t be scary, but rather a source of smiles. They want to redefine the dental experience, leaving you with not just a healthy smile but a positive and enjoyable visit.

the Challenges

Overcoming the negative associations and fear people commonly have with dental visits.

Creating a brand identity that stands out in a market dominated by sterile and clinical designs.
Capturing the essence of Dentaid’s mission to make dental aid easy, seamless, and inviting for all.

the approach

Collaborated closely with Dr. Pooja Agrawat, the visionary behind Dentaid.

Designed a modern identity featuring a neo-geometric tooth formed by overlapping two translucent diamonds.

Incorporated people and wide smiles as integral elements, reflecting Dentaid’s commitment to spreading smiles with Dr. Pooja’s expertise.

Developed a colour palette of subtle and soothing pastel tones to counter the typical clinical atmosphere.

Created custom-designed illustrations for use in stationery and service brochures.

Highlighted the Dentaid tree as a central symbol, adding a distinctive visual element to the brand.

the impact

Successfully transformed the brand image, making dental aid more approachable and less intimidating.

Increased positive engagement and reception from clients, moving away from the stereotypical clinical aesthetic.

The modernized neo-geometric tooth and Dentaid tree became memorable symbols associated with the brand.

Contributed to Dentaid’s goal of spreading smiles by aligning the brand identity with Dr. Pooja’s expertise and the welcoming atmosphere of the clinics.

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