Creating watchface designs for a contemporary electronic brand

brand overview

Hammer Lifestyle is dedicated to sculpting an accessible and healthier lifestyle for contemporary India. The brand envisions transformative change sustained through affordable, high-tech solutions.

the Challenges

Crafting watchfaces that seamlessly integrate health-tracking features.

Ensuring designs resonate with the brand identity across various themes.

Balancing aesthetic appeal with the functional requirements of a smartwatch.

the approach

Meticulously designed watchfaces across diverse themes – sporty, ethnic, abstract, and simple.

Infused motion elements into designs for enhanced visual impact.

Aligned each design with the brand’s commitment to promoting a healthier lifestyle.

the impact

Positive response from consumers.

Successfully reinforced the brand’s identity and commitment to health.

Positioned Hammer Lifestyle as a market leader with visually appealing, functional smartwatches.

We recently worked with 152co for a special report The team understood the brief perfectly, took our inputs and gave us a fantastic report which was loved by all – internal teams & clients The team works hard & sometimes we gave them really short deadlines to meet, which they did. Loved working with them & hope to work again in the future too.

Jermina Menon

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