Designing a visually appealing
report for a HR platform

brand overview

HerKey stands as a vibrant hub for women, fostering engagement with employers, mentors, experts, and a supportive community to fuel career growth and empowerment. 

Serving as a dynamic career engagement platform, HerKey opens doors to opportunities, learning, and meaningful communities for women seeking to enhance their professional lives.

the Challenges

Design a benchmarking report rich in data for HerKey’s diverse audience.

the approach

  • Created engaging and informative infographics.
  • Developed thoughtful layouts and structures for the benchmarking report.
  • Utilized effective data visualization techniques, presenting complex information in a visually appealing format.

the impact

  • Stakeholders and users found the data visualization approach highly effective and accessible.
  • The impact resonated positively, contributing to a better understanding and utilization of the benchmarking report among HerKey’s audience.
  • The approach significantly enhanced the report’s reception and effectiveness, marking a successful collaboration with HerKey’s goals and objectives.

We recently worked with 152co for a special report The team understood the brief perfectly, took our inputs and gave us a fantastic report which was loved by all – internal teams & clients The team works hard & sometimes we gave them really short deadlines to meet, which they did. Loved working with them & hope to work again in the future too.

Jermina Menon

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