Building a brand identity for a mobile healthcare company

brand overview

Mellon Wellness is a mobile lab testing company, offering door-to-door services with a user-friendly app for convenient access to medical reports and appointments.

the Challenges

Limited awareness of the company’s existence. 

Building trust regarding the security of medical records.

Establishing credibility in the health and wellness industry.

the approach

Developed a new brand identity, including a logo that creatively represents blood cells with different colours corresponding to the various fields of expertise. 

Designed an intuitive UI for the app, ensuring a seamless user experience. 

Created outdoor advertisements and social media creatives to enhance visibility.

the impact

Increased brand awareness and trust among the target audience. 

Successful presentation to investors with the new brand identity. 

Improved user engagement and satisfaction through enhanced app design.

We recently worked with 152co for a special report The team understood the brief perfectly, took our inputs and gave us a fantastic report which was loved by all – internal teams & clients The team works hard & sometimes we gave them really short deadlines to meet, which they did. Loved working with them & hope to work again in the future too.

Jermina Menon

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