Elevating an E-recruitment Brand Experience Through Cohesive Design

brand overview

Naukri.com is India’s leading online recruitment platform and the flagship brand of Info Edge. Introduced in 1997, Naukri.com pioneered the concept of e-recruitment in India. As a job site, it connects job seekers with employment opportunities across various industries and employers. With an extensive database of over 60 million CVs and 4,75,000 live job listings, Naukri.com caters to the hiring needs of corporate clients, recruiters, and placement agencies nationwide and in key international markets.

the Challenges

  • Establishing a consistent and compelling brand identity across various marketing and communication touchpoints.
  • Ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience for both job seekers and corporate clients, while effectively communicating Naukri.com’s value proposition and industry leadership. 
  • Differentiating Naukri.com’s brand presence in a highly competitive and crowded online recruitment marketplace.

the approach

  • Conducted a comprehensive audit of Naukri.com’s existing marketing and communication materials to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for brand integration.
  • Collaborated closely with Naukri.com’s marketing and design teams to understand their unique challenges, target audiences, and business objectives.
  • Developed a cohesive and flexible brand guidelines system, encompassing visual elements such as typography, color palettes, iconography, and imagery styles.
  • Designed responsive and user-friendly landing pages, optimized for lead generation and user engagement, while adhering to the brand’s visual identity.
  • Crafted visually compelling and informative emailers, presentations, and case studies to effectively communicate Naukri.com’s offerings and success stories.
  • Created attention-grabbing social media creatives and event collaterals that aligned with the brand’s messaging and aesthetic, ensuring consistent brand recognition across multiple channels.
  • Implemented a comprehensive quality assurance process to ensure consistent application of the brand guidelines across all marketing and communication materials.

the impact

  • Successfully established a cohesive and recognizable brand identity for Naukri.com across various marketing and communication channels, enhancing brand recall and credibility.
  • Improved user engagement and lead generation through optimized landing pages, compelling emailers, and informative presentations and case studies.
  • Strengthened Naukri.com’s brand positioning as the industry leader in the online recruitment space, differentiating it from competitors through effective visual communication.
  • Contributed to the overall growth and success of Naukri.com by providing a consistent and engaging brand experience for job seekers, corporate clients, and stakeholders alike.

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